Red Vein Army

We're a group of haunters in Richmond, VA who can't sit still. We want to show you what a few cups of coffee, a pen, paper & camera can produce. We're the Red Vein Army. All contents © Red Vein Army Productions, LLC unless otherwise stated.

—- Easter Morning —-

This is video I in a Horror Series by Red Vein Army.

Happy Easter!

—- Happy Easter: Intruder —-

This is video II in a Horror Series by Red Vein Army.

Part I will be released Friday morning (Good Friday).

—- Happy Easter: Aftermath —-

This is video III in a Horror Series by Red Vein Army.

Parts I & II coming next week.

"Dagon" © Juan Calle
Happy Valentine’s Day by © torvenius
A look into the future…
© Justin Roberts
© Stephen Gammell
Happy Birthday, Eddie.

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"Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point," said Scrooge, "answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?"